Rockhopper Christmas

The green on rockhopper’s ship were christmas decorations!!! Cool! As Always Here’s a pic!!!

Picture from Cp SWF!

Credit to Enemy4ever



7 Responses to “Rockhopper Christmas”

  1. snowy1900 Says:

    that mighte a pick from last year? idk

  2. ray198 Says:

    hey hey hey im back almost in black belt lol

  3. ray198 Says:

    news flash i got a black belt and beat the sensei

  4. ANisH Says:

    it is ccooooll

  5. snowy1900 Says:

    be the first peson of 5 to comment however much times it says on my latest post and get a christmas present!

  6. m00k3 Says:

    Nice Blog! I can’t wait till Rockhopper comes!


  7. Enemy4ever Says:

    Click That Link it is the SWF credit please

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