I will be on camp!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Today I am going on my first SCHOOL CAMP!!! WOOO HOOO!!

Anyway it is only till Friday afternoon AUS time. I hope I have a great time I will be going on a giant flying fox & giant swing.

Thank you all for viewing sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!


And I think and I probably will be rewarding you soon with something big!!!

Sorry to be so mysterious if you would to help with the beta testing of where my site will probably move to in the future! Visit www.labydog.co.cc

Remember that will just be helping me test!!!

And if it all works proply and the server dosen’t go down!! I will be able to give out member ships!!!!


Hope you like it.

It should look the same as this site but it should faster and stuff like that!!!


2 Responses to “I will be on camp!!”

  1. Blueblew321 Says:

    Can you change on your blogroll the “Yen Burger” one too “Yen Burger & Blueblew321”? That would be awsome thanks!

  2. Agentkong101 Says:

    cool ihavent talked to u in a while

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