Ticket Cheat & aniversry sneak peek

Credit to watex for this!

Get All the Prizes for the Fall Fair in a few seconds

  1. Play Grab & Spin at the Dock
  2. Spin it once
  3. Press Tab until the Yellow box is over END GAME
  4. Hold down Enter for 15 seconds
  5. Click Quit. You have 5,000+ Tickets! Go buy some prizes!
  6. (Thanks to Pelkiun)

Here is the newk peek for the aniversry of club penguin try it your self at http://www.clubpenguin.com/sneakpeek/flash/base.swf

And if you win you get a limited edition viking penguin toy!


8 Responses to “Ticket Cheat & aniversry sneak peek”

  1. Bellerophont Says:


    Nice site! Keep up the good work!

    Comment back!


  2. Polarboy9 Says:

    Ummm… you need to update the “Free stuff in clubpenguin” widget. It doesnt have any of the new stuff on it. Maybe you an make it like a fall fair theme.

  3. Polarboy9 Says:

    Well you need to put the lolipop pin on there at least, and instead of putting the ticket stuff on there, just put another one saying TICKET ITEMS then thats it. idk. oh and read my next post. yenburger has gone to the DARK SIDE

  4. snowy1900 Says:

    cool, i dont think the fall fair items would count cause they arent really free

  5. =]i luv smiley faces Says:

    its like ur da best cheats in da world!!!!!!!!
    u rulz labydog

  6. Choccy Says:

    Cool cheats, keep up the good work!!!

  7. Choccy Says:

    I can give u a new cheat. If u want to play expert levels on Astro barrier play an press 3 then play level 30 an at the end wait 30 secs an shoot the bloo shoot thing an it starts the expert levels!!!!! real cool cheat.

  8. Choccy Says:

    im bored lol

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