Letter from rockhopper & other party pics!!

First there is a letter from rockhopper in the newspaper!

And here is some info on the fall taken from the CP News Paper! (click to make bigger)

And here is a preview for autmn! (click to make bigger)

And also here is the preview for the igloo decorating contest!

And I would appreiciate it if you could put my widget on your website here are the details!

<a href="https://labydogpenguintips.wordpress.com/my-widget/"><img src="http://i421.photobucket.com/albums/pp300/Labydog/widget1.jpg" alt="This is the current pin on club penguin" border="0" /></a>

This is what it looks like.
This is the current pin on club penguin


4 Responses to “Letter from rockhopper & other party pics!!”

  1. agentemo619 Says:

    Can you make me a widget that looks like yours but only three things the bracelet, the key & the messenger bag

  2. Labydog Says:

    If you look at the heading of the shop page it says header shop not widget shop. I can’t do any more I have made you a header I have made you a banner but widgets take alot more time I am sorry but I don’t have the time to make you one.

  3. gulchi Says:

    hi labydog,
    i am gulchi.
    i am looking for an author.
    do you want be the author on my site?
    if,yes comment on my site.
    note:there’s no contest going on.

  4. Enemy4ever Says:

    Visit http://abhay.myminicity.com/

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