Widget Update

I have updated the widget so it looks much better & I used Harry Potter font on there!! (downloaded from mugglenet) Please put it on your website the code is:

<a href="https://labydogpenguintips.wordpress.com/my-widget/"><img src="http://i421.photobucket.com/albums/pp300/Labydog/widget1.jpg" alt="This is the current pin on club penguin" border="0" /></a>

It will look like this:
This is the current pin on club penguin


6 Responses to “Widget Update”

  1. Polarboy9 Says:


  2. deni Says:

    hey i love yur site how bout you visit mine it i:


    and really i love your site
    it awesome

    o and by the way can i be on your blogroll

  3. Chintan Says:

    I don’t have a google page account

  4. Chintan Says:

    hey help me make my widget please

  5. snowy1900 Says:

    cool, its like halloweenish, spooky

  6. ojoc Says:

    cool style!

    I just found over 200 swfs that work!
    plz visit my site to see them 🙂


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