Features Launched

Here are some pics of the new features!

Here are the new servers!

Here is penguin mail.

And you can get a free item on the penguin mail post card.

Aswell Here is what the member igloos look like on the map!

All so here is what the new igloo sorting is. Pic by Polischeck97.

And here is the green puffle rumor from the newspaper.

He is suposed to play at the icerink.

And also club penguin have deleted .load.swf. We can no longer nubb! BOO HOO sad


5 Responses to “Features Launched”

  1. Enemy4ever Says:

    Labydog today on clubpenguin can we meet on Mammoth

    Soz I can’t I am busy.

  2. Enemy4ever Says:


  3. cream12 Says:

    Hi their i am redbluemast buddy!I am commenting on behalve of redbluemast.!He is giving away a member penguin!All you have to do is write up a review up to 100 words!For more info visit here http://redbluemastclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2008/07/14/membership-contest/

  4. emzilyemzy Says:

    Dear labydog,
    its emzilyemzy here can you please keep posting me on your site every 2 days as i am needing more views.
    Please post my site it is:


  5. Wwe Adam Says:

    Awesome post! Keep it up.
    [Try to comment back]

    Wwe Adam’s Cheats

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