We had a blast at the party!! & New features launched

We had a great time at the party! Here is a picture of it!

Also the new features will be launched sometime next week I really can’t wait.

Also here are some pics of the stage that will be returning.

Also the penguin band will be playing on the iceberg from the 25-30th of july.


6 Responses to “We had a blast at the party!! & New features launched”

  1. lukie911 Says:

    Yeah the party was awesome

  2. emzilyemzy Says:

    Sorry i couldn’t make the pparty labydog but my friend mistygirl904 went instead

  3. Enemy4ever Says:

    I couldn’t come if Club Penguin PM PST Here in Dubai it would be 5 AM

  4. Enemy4ever Says:

    I Mean 6 PM PST

  5. Gwendolyn Says:

    Does anyone know how to get your blog to be famous if you can please help me out I’ll help out on yours if you have one. Please go to http://www.gwendylu.wordpress.com.

    Thanks!!!!! to the people who did go!!!!####$$$$%%%%^^^^&&&&****(((())))____++++@@@@

  6. badfabybady Says:

    since i have 125 hits i will have a party heres the info

    server:bunny hill(USA)



    date:july 15,2008

    requirement:wear black it will be more of a chance of me accepting u as a friend

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