Party Reminder

Just a reminder about my party.

Here is the info on the party!!

It is in the DOJO.

In the server Beanie.

And on the 10 of JULY.

And at 6pm PST.

Also please enter my contest on my contests page click here.

And I finished my first header order your own and take a look at the first one I made here.

And please go to this site.


6 Responses to “Party Reminder”

  1. lukie911 Says:

    so its tommorow?????? is the date au or cp

  2. polischeck97 Says:

    im coming for sure!

  3. Pinkngreen77 Says:

    where do you make your headers?

  4. Lilly655 Says:

    The cp rescue team rox thanks to labydog !!!!!!

  5. emzilyemzy Says:

    sorry i can’t go labydog but keep emailing me!

  6. cream12 Says:

    Hey nice site visit mines 😉
    I really need more hits.

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