Cpip Updates Coming Soon

(Don’t forget to enter my contest Click Here to go to the contests page)

The penguin mail feature is coming soon here is a pic they showed of it!!

And also here is the new player card design. Here is a pic!

Also this is a really freaky thing I found!!

Sign by Danasoft – Layouts and Images


6 Responses to “Cpip Updates Coming Soon”

  1. Ray Toolbear Says:

    Wow could you make my blog a banner. Like Tooly Except Put Ray Toolbear Instead of tooly. clubpenguinbear.wordpress.com

  2. polischeck97 Says:

    i live in maryland. is that what you mean? so im eastern standerd time!!

  3. polischeck97 Says:

    Hello! I’m having a contest on my site! It’s really easy and fun too! Look at the end of the post Clothing, Wigs and More!

  4. polischeck97 Says:

    Thank you Labydog! I’ll be sure to come!

  5. livvy72 Says:

    labydog help one of the admins attacked our site
    the cp team

  6. lilly655 Says:

    i am a big fan of labydog but
    do you want to be part of the cp rescue team?
    its where you help penguins who r upset or in a fight.
    we try to cheer them up.
    so do ya wanna?

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