There are fireworks on the ice berg and moutain for American Independence day. America became inderpendant 4th of July 1776. Canada became a country on the 1st of July 1867. So they are having these fireworks on cp to celebrate!!

Here is an animation I made of the fireworks!!
Firework iceberg

And please visit this really cool site!!


3 Responses to “Fireworks”

  1. polischeck97 Says:

    that would be so nice of you! thanks and please do! ill advirtise u too

  2. polischeck97 Says:

    Thank you so much for the advirtise and I love the widget it’s really cool! I have it now!

  3. polischeck97 Says:

    ur awesome!!! u have helped me so much with this site! thaTS WHY IM WRITING AN ENTIRE POST ABOUT LABYDOG!! =)

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