Rockhopper is Here

Rockhopper is here and he brought back the parot!

Here is a pic.

And if you need to get rockhopper’s key it is in the back page of his journal. Ignore the riddle and go to the next page.


7 Responses to “Rockhopper is Here”

  1. DJ PENGUIN J Says:

    hi everyone

  2. tooly228 Says:

    I have no more school!!! Yay! I am on summer holidays for 2 months.

    • hider and ssssshider Says:

      thats some dome thing to say

  3. tooly228 Says:

    I am trying to make a next generation tracker similar to Club Penguin HQ. But it does not update automatically.

  4. straw000 Says:

    Yes you can : ) but i have the widgets already 😀 What I need is someone to find rh with me and also get info n where rh is 😀

  5. Tingali1000 Says:

    rockhopper is on mammoth on dock or the beach

  6. Abhibhav Says:

    I will help u find rh straw000

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