Now that I have 20,000 hits I would like to have a party but I would like you to choose where you want the party to be!!! Here is a poll with a list of rooms we can have it in!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😀 😀


10 Responses to “20,000 HITS PARTY!!!!! WOOHOO”

  1. lukie911 Says:

    could we move around rooms ????????
    p.s. i got 100 hits yea im waitin till 1000 to have party

    Labydog’s Answer
    If the room is full we will move!!

  2. MD The skate king Says:

    Please please go to http://uk.youtube.com/user/maxiedaxieruler


    http://www.maxie.co.nr sorry for avertiseing but I need more comments and hits on both !!


    P.s awesome site



  3. cpwoton Says:

    Yo! Could you please add my site to your blogroll? woton1.wordpress.com



  4. awesomeguy14 Says:

    reallly nice site! Youve done a really good job with it! Also, please come by and visit my site and plzz comment! 😆


  5. outtacntrll Says:

    I added you to my blogroll. Thanks!

  6. punchylinnie Says:

    howdy, labydog!
    remember me?
    can I come to your party?
    When is the party going to be started?
    When is the poll going to close and have the results out?
    please tell me!
    can you reply me on my site?
    cause i won’t come back and look at this comment anymore I only sign in to my account and look for comments, thanks!


  7. Answers to your questions about the party!! « Club Penguin Cheats Says:

    […] Posts Unwanted PenguinPlayer Card up date (from CPIP blog)Labydog’s LibraryButtons20,000 HITS PARTY!!!!! WOOHOOFunny PicturesAdvertise your site here BannerRockhopper […]

  8. Reecy man78 Says:

    To get four ams on cp get the inflatible duck from th cove and put the duck on close your player card then open the player card take off the duck and put on the tour hat (DONT CLOSE THE PLAYER CARD !!) vlick on another penguin then exit their player card and dance and u should have four arms

  9. Eli(Jazer) Says:

    In The Pool woud be good.But Dojo Better!

  10. -- Bad Name Says:

    plz plz plz tell me what u thought of my idea!

    Labydog’s Answer
    We voted and Dojo won sorry can’t change it.

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