Beta Hat Out, New book & penguin mail info

The Beta hat is out.

Here is a pic.

When you dance with it you dig with a red jack hammer.

And there is a new book out.

Penguin mail is coming soon here is the logo of it.


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14 Responses to “Beta Hat Out, New book & penguin mail info”

  1. red head2 Says:

    where is the red tipping hat?

  2. mmopuk Says:

    Lots of cool prizes up for grabs!!!
    Coins, Blogrolls and Much Much More!
    All part of the Summer Festival at:
    Mmopuk’s Club Penguin Cheats!!
    Name 9, the latest contest!
    All for one comment!
    Cool Site!

    Copyright 2008-2009 New Horizon Interactive.

  3. cpmac Says:

    sweet post dude!
    keep it up!
    ur great at it dude!

    ( )

  4. cheatgnome Says:

    come to we have re-opened the site!

  5. Flamingo Red Says:

    Hey! Could you put me on your blogroll? If you do so, I will also do the same!

  6. ... Says:

    Where is the red hat? And how do you get it?

    Labydog’s Answer

    The red hat was given out to people who helped with the sever test if you did not help you can’t get it.

  7. polischeck97 Says:

    Thanks Labydog! I still love your site!!

  8. cpmac Says:

    im quiting cp.
    and wordpress but i am stiff giving away all my betas
    check it out
    see ya for the last time forsure

  9. Superzipper Says:

    Hey its superzipper i was just wondering how you got the box of code on your site the one below the ad

  10. punchylinnie Says:

    howdy again, Labydog!
    I’m punchy again.
    Actually, Flamingo was just bullying me. He was not naughty as i said.
    Just a requestment, can i be an admin at your site?
    If can/cannot, please reply on my site!
    remember my site?
    many thanks from you always.


  11. plarem7000 Says:

    June 3, 2008
    FOR SWAP Membership – blog ! ~ 1 year ~ !
    Filed under: Stats — plarem7000 @ 2:34 pm Edit This

    Sign contract first before getting access to penguin.
    Delete Penguin from your computer, Forget password, anything related with that OUT of your computer and mind!
    You have to sign up to
    You have to answer the questions on the contract before you get anything.

    Here is some info:

    Has nearly 16,000 hits.
    Nearly 1-year old.
    New Theme

    And that’s all! Bye! ~Plarem

  12. mmopuk Says:

    Can I be on your blogroll?
    My OLD site is on there but not my new one. Hmmm. to add.

  13. h2omantine Says:

    pls. vote for banner no.1 to be the banner for gogreen penguins team!
    its super cool!
    to grab the banner go to;

    pls. vote for it!

  14. 117 sparten Says:

    lol nice cheats

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