Blogroll Advert

Have a click on these people who are on my blogroll.

(In no special order)


2 Responses to “Blogroll Advert”

  1. punchylinnie Says:

    howdy, ladydogpenguintips!
    I’m Punchylinnie here
    Can you please add me to this post?
    Thanks! I will also add you so if you add me too!

    Waddle off!

  2. punchylinnie Says:

    Howdy, labydog!
    It’s me, punchylinnie again!
    Thanks for adding me on this post and on the blogroll.
    Do not add Flamingored to your blogroll and also as an admin.
    He is my real life brother.
    He bullied me and telled puppup1996 to not add me as an admin because i’ve deleted his posts, but i didn’t!
    He is a big liar please beware of my brother, Flamingored!

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