New Banner and 2 New Page

Please put this banner on your site and help me advertise I would be happy to put other people banners on mine. To put my banner on your site paste this code into a text widget.

The code is:

<A HREF=””&gt;
<IMG SRC=””&gt;
</A> <p>

Also we have 2 new pages one is labydog’s I can’t wait for the book and video entries.

We also have pixel penguin please try this out as it is very fun.

Have fun


10 Responses to “New Banner and 2 New Page”

  1. lukie911 Says:

    ok your now an author you may make posts on my web and can you help with some widjets like whos on and other stuff ok
    please feel free to post any time but make sure i have not already posted about it ok

  2. 50cent254cp Says: I’ll add you to my blog roll if you add me.

  3. mrfun5anddirtshorts Says:

    when we try to put ur banner on our site it dosn’t show up!

  4. edlu Says:

    Nice post! Go to this site
    Theres a contest going on!


  5. mrfun5anddirtshorts Says:

    hey we are starting armys and would love to have u join!!!!
    click my name and go to the army page!!!!

  6. cpmac Says:

    awesome club enguin tips dude!!!!

  7. cpmac Says:


  8. Blitz7 Says:

    Hey awesome post! Comment back at


  9. poppi151 Says:

    cool can you all come to my cp party on the 6th of may – poppi151

  10. poppi151 Says:

    the party sever is sherbet

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